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Community Health Workers in Action: Beyond Home Visits

“I am a leader in my area”

Ahlam Khawaldeh, 25 years old, is the first female to be a professional in the field in Alqadissyah/Tafileh Governorate, as a community health worker in the Community Outreach Program

“In the beginning, people disapproved of my work being a female. Even I was afraid that I will not be accepted. But after the training that I received through the program, I become fully confident and gained credibility among my people. Now they trust the information that I give them, they come to me for advice, and they look forward to my visits.”

Two local NGOs implement the Community Outreach Program, GUVS and CCA, through the USAID-funded Activity JCAP “Tawasol in Arabic.” The program has 116 community health workers employed in various governorates in the Kingdom. These CHWs counsel married women in reproductive ages and provide them with information of modern family planning methods and the importance of birth spacing. They also give the women interested in using modern family methods referrals to health centers or the Private Doctors Network. In one year these outreach workers conducted a total of 466,961 household counseling visits about family planning, reaching 232,194  married women of reproductive age.