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Going deeper… Makes a difference

“I have been using the withdrawal method for a long time, why should I change?” commented Um Ahmad, a 39 year-old woman during a Community Outreach FP counseling visit.

Um Ahmad lives in the Azmi Al Mufti Refugee Camp located in the north of Jordan. She has six children and has been using a traditional FP method.


The CHW visited Um Ahmad to provide FP counseling, discussing with her the benefits of modern family planning methods, describing how each method works and dispelling misconceptions about modern FP methods.

During the first counseling visit, Um Ahmad showed no interest in shifting to a modern FP method. The CHW probed and discovered that the husband’s rejection has been the main reason behind this. As such, the CHW highlighted the advantages of using a modern FP method, stressed the negative effects of traditional methods on the marital relationship and encouraged Um Ahmad to share this information with her husband.

“We are willing to start using a modern FP method, but I prefer that the IUD be inserted by a female doctor,” stated Um Ahmad during the second FP counseling visit, after which the CHW offered her a free voucher for FP services from a private network doctors.

During the third follow up visit, Um Ahmad welcomed the CHW and said, “My husband not only agreed that I go to Irbid to get the IUD, but also insisted on accompanying me. Overall, I am extremely happy with my decision.”