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Minister of Interior Announces the establishment of Governorate Health and Population Policy committees

In February 2015, the Minister of Interior issued a decree to establish six Governorate Health, Population and Policy Committees (GHPPCs) in Irbid, Mafraq, Jerash, Tafileh and Maan.

This decree, developed as a result of the joint advocacy efforts by the Higher Population Council, the Ministry of Interior Local Development Directorate and the USAID-funded Jordan Communication, Advocacy and Policy (JCAP) Activity, reflects the Government of Jordan’s appreciation of the need to face the negative effects of population growth and Syrian refugee influx on local governorates social and economic goals. Local inter-sectoral mechanisms are the most effective way to tackle these challenges.

Each GHPPC, chaired by the Assistant Governor for Development, includes the Directors of Health, Awqaf and Social Development, youth and women leadership representatives as well as representatives from the local civil society. GHPCCs are mandated to act as the local population development nucleus that leads the design of multi-sectoral policy advocacy and community awareness interventions that are tailored to meet local governorate development needs and priorities.

In collaboration with the Higher Population Council, USAID’s JCAP Activity builds the institutional capacity of the GHPPC members in population and development, advocacy for policy development and reform, family planning, and reproductive health. JCAP assists the six committees to develop, implement, and monitor tailored advocacy action plans to respond to priority policy issues in population growth, development, family planning, and reproductive health.

By building the capacity of the GHPPCs, JCAP will contribute to expanding the base of local leaders and Champions capable of using evidence-based data and tools. It will enhance the ability of leaders and Champions to help women and youth make informed fertility choices, and gain better access to family planning and reproductive health information and services.