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Reaching Out to Syrian Refugees

“For over 10 years, I have never once used any form of family planning. I always believed that it would affect my fertility,” said Yasmin Halabi.

Yasmin is a 29 year-old Syrian refugee residing in Al Hasa District in Al Tafileh Governorate in the south of Jordan. She is a mother of five children and has been handed down incorrect information about FP methods from her family and community throughout the years.

This information has made Yasmin rule out the idea of using any FP methods for over 10 years, despite continuous pregnancies negatively affecting her health and her family’s resources. After attending a USAID-funded JCAP Activity edutainment lecture in Al Hasa District, Yasmin became convinced that all the information she had received in the past about FP was inaccurate. “After learning about the progestin-only pills, I now believe that they are safe and effective, and most importantly will not affect my fertility. I wish I had known this before,” added Yasmin.

The USAID-funded JCAP Activity organized the edutainment lectures as part of the ‘Our Health and Our Comfort… Is In Planning Our Family’ campaign. Through a series of educational and awareness lectures over a period of three months, the USAID-funded JCAP Activity reached out to 1,500 women of reproductive age in remote areas of  Jordan, as well as to a number of Syrian refugee families who lacked knowledge about the importance of family planning.